Sandy Spring Friends School



Sandy Spring Friends School Tuition & Financial Aid

Payment Plan Options

Payments to SSFS for Tuition and Fees are paid through Veracross Tuition Management (VC Pay). We offer three payment plans for paying tuition and the deposit with VC Pay.

The one-payment plan option requires the full tuition to be paid by June 20.

In the two-payment (standard) plan, a portion of tuition is due June 20 and the remainder is due December 20.

The alternative plan is 10 payments: 10% of tuition is due monthly April 20 through January 20.


Payments in each plan are calculated after the 9% deposit is paid. There is a $125 annual fee for the monthly payment plan, charged in September. The deposit required at the time of enrollment is applied toward tuition due in either tuition plan. Please note that tuition refund insurance is required for the two-payment plan and the monthly payment plan.