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Virtual Learning at SSFS

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Times of challenge often provide opportunities to innovate and think beyond current constructions to build new, and even better, structures.  As a school, we distilled the lessons learned from our virtual period this past spring, and we identified clear areas for enhancement. Then, we went to work to increase our capacity to deliver a robust, dynamic, online program in each division. We aimed for strong academic offerings during this phase of the school year, but we also aspired beyond that. We endeavored to translate the best of our school to a virtual model: our work in the classroom, our connections outside the classroom, our focus on character development and positive socialization, our commitment to Quaker practice and values, and even the use of our beautiful campus. Informed by research and designed with the deep care that defines our community, our plans show that we are ready for the start of a most unique and engaging school year.

Virtual Learning At SSFS Booklet

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Elements of Effective Virtual Learning

Student Support During Virtual School

SSFS continues to support students in a Virtual School environment, to ensure not only academic success but also their development of self-awareness, self-advocacy, and independence.

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Virtual Learning At SSFS Booklet

The Virtual Learning At SSFS Booklet provides the information shared on this page in a compiled format. This includes information on:

  •  Faculty and administration professional development 
  • Classroom tools  being used for virtual learning success
  • Student supports
  • SSFS' commitment to bringing our values and culture into the virtual program

PLUS:  See sample school day schedules for all grades (preschool-12th grade).