The SSFS Science Department provides a rigorous curriculum in a wide range of scientific disciplines, with a focus on hands-on, inquiry-based learning. We take advantage of our 140-acre campus featuring unique structures (a climbing wall, Adventure Park, observatory, and Natural Playground) and diverse ecosystems (streams, fields, ponds, forest and gardens). Classes emphasize problem solving, lab and fieldwork, and authentic research, while integrating effective use of technology, critical thinking, and collaboration.

We offer a large number of upper-level courses for the size of our school, giving students more opportunity to work in-depth within small class sizes and to explore specific interests. As early as their sophomore year, students may take more than one science course per year to pursue those interests.

Periodic 90-minute class periods for labs and student course attendance outside the normal school day allow for more in-depth project and lab work. Students present this work to their peers in class, other students in the Lower and Middle Schools at the Celebration of Science, and at regional and national competitions.

Takisha Reece, Science Department Head
Takisha Reece, Science Department Head

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