The Upper School History Department at SSFS focuses on global competence and views the development of cultures and nations from several different perspectives. Students learn to investigate the world beyond their immediate environment. They will analyze the past by studying the political, economic, religious, social, intellectual, and artistic developments of each era and region studied.

This multi-perspective approach will allow students to understand the interrelated aspects of each area and era in history. By analyzing primary sources, reflecting on current events, and examining the point of view of historians, students will be able to discuss, debate and write clearly about the past and its relevance on contemporary history and society. Reading comprehension, quality writing, and the ability to articulate their ideas are the academic goals of the department. Research is also an essential part of the student experience.

Outside of class, students have the opportunity to take advantage of internships, political advocacy projects, field trips, and the wealth of historical locations in the immediate area.