Overview of Technology at SSFS

Technology at SSFS is an important part of the education of our students. It is a tool to help students learn and grow as they work through the curriculum at the school. We have a 1:1 (one-to-one) program where student in grades 4-12 have a personal mobile device to use during classes and their school work. Grades Pre-K - 3 have shared mobile devices in their classrooms.

In addition to the 1:1 program, SSFS also maintains the following resources:

  • Campus-wide wifi network for mobile devices
  • Two computer labs
  • Chromebook devices available for checkout in Yarnall Library
  • Photo editing lab
  • STEM lab
  • LCD projection or other whole-class displays in each classroom
  • Fully-equipped theater production facility
  • Printing facilities in each classroom building
  • School-provided email address for grades 4-12
  • LMS (Learning Management System) for all students
  • SIS (Student Information System) for all students and their parents/guardians

Overview of the 1:1 programs at SSFS

Lower School

SSFS provides all the necessary technology, such as iPads and Chromebooks, as well as software and apps.

Middle School

Middle School students have family-owned iPads for daily school use. New students to the Middle School are expected to purchase an iPad for school use (see iPad system requirements).

Upper School

Our Upper School is transitioning to a Bring Your Own Device program, also known as "BYOD". All students in the Upper School must have a mobile device available on a daily basis for school work. This device can be an iPad, Windows laptop, Mac laptop, Chromebook, Android tablet, or other similar device. Because of its keyboard and screen size, a mobile phone is not considered an adequate device for school. The device must meet these minimum requirements.

Purchasing and Repair Options

Device purchase: The School has phased out its iPad purchase program. All family owned iPads or BYOD devices need to be purchased from an outside retailer. As a convenience for our families, SSFS has arranged a site available via the DSR website that provides a location for families to purchase SSFS-approved devices for students. It is extremely important to purchase good protective cases for these devices and also a service plan for getting the devices repaired should it become damaged. A service plan like AppleCare or Worth Avenue is strongly recommended.

Loaner Program: SSFS has an iPad loaner program that is used to help students maintain their mobile device used for school work while their iPad is being repaired. An iPad will be loaned to students for up to two weeks during this repair cycle. All students have access to this program.

Device repair: SSFS will continue to provide device service support for iPads purchased through the School in years prior to the 2016-2017 school year, SSFS does not offer repair services for devices that were not purchased through the School.