Sandy Spring Friends School



Preschool Curriculum

At Sandy Spring Friends Preschool, our supportive teachers help each child develop their unique strengths and talents and nurture their sense of self-worth and confidence, ensuring they are academically and emotionally ready for kindergarten and beyond. 

Looking for our Lower School curriculum for Kindergarten through 5th Grade? Visit our Lower School Curriculum Page!

Preschoolers observing butterflies


Chanelle Broughton

Chanelle Broughton
Lower School Head
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Joel Gunzburg

Joel Gunzburg
Assistant Lower School Head
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Pam Gilmer, Lower School Administrative Assistant

Pam Gilmer
Lower School Administrative Assistant
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Language Arts



Social Studies




Physical Education

Other Preschool Curriculum Highlights

  • Our preschool understands the Value of Play and offers a number of opportunities to explore, develop, and have fun through play-based learning—inside our classrooms and outdoors on our beautiful campus!

  • Our Library Program fosters a love of books and teaches information skills to our students.

  • Building age-appropriate Life-Skills nourishes a respectful and caring classroom community and develops essential emotional and social learning competencies.

  • Preschool students participate in Community Service activities that help them foster compassion for their local community and develop a sense of responsibility.