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Preschool at Sandy Spring Friends School

Nurturing the innate curiosity of young minds through play and exploration.

Research shows that play is a powerful tool for learning. That's why at Sandy Spring Friends School, play-based learning is woven into the preschool curriculum through fun hands-on activities both in the classroom and outside on our beautiful campus and natural playground. Our exceptional, caring teachers create a welcoming environment for our littlest ones so they feel safe exploring the world around them while embarking on a lifetime of joyful learning.

Christine Lewis

"At Sandy Spring Friends School, our Lower School teachers are literally building brains, and there is such dignity and respect in that." 

Christine Lewis, Assistant Head of School, Interim Lower School Head (PK3-Grade 3)

Christine Lewis

Christine Lewis
Acting Head of School
Interim Head of Lower School
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Joel Gunzburg

Joel Gunzburg
Assistant Lower School Head
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Pam Gilmer, Lower School Administrative Assistant

Pam Gilmer
Lower School Administrative Assistant
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Preschool Play

Play-Based Learning

Whether outdoors on our natural playground or in the classroom, our preschool offers numerous opportunities for play throughout the day. Play is the child’s emotional, physical, social, and cognitive work. As our preschoolers play, they develop motor skills while exercising and build social skills while playing and exploring with friends. Cognitively, play allows for the development of language and creative thinking that promotes problem-solving.

Preschool Classroom

School-Ready Through Life Skills

Through our play-based learning model, our preschool program emphasizes academic, social, and emotional growth that prepares our preschoolers for Kindergarten and beyond. Our teachers are committed to helping each child feel a sense of belonging in the classroom as they foster a passion for lifelong learning, help students develop compassion for others, and allow each child to find their voice and "Let Their Lives Speak."

PS with Wildebeest Statue

Quaker Values

In keeping with our Quaker belief that there is "that of God in everyone," we honor the unique gifts within each child. We focus on every student’s academic, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth. By emphasizing the individual strengths of our students, we nurture their sense of self-worth and give them the confidence to take risks within a safe and supportive environment. Additionally, our highly-skilled teachers use a vibrant curriculum called Faith & Play™, which introduces the history of Quakerism and the teaching of Quaker values inherent in our educational philosophy through storytelling and play.