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2022 Global Seal of Biliteracy Recipients

2022 Global Seal of Biliteracy Recipients
Eduardo Polón, Global Languages Department Head

In celebration of passion and promise in language study, the Global Languages Department is proud to celebrate 15 outstanding Sandy Spring Friends School language learners whose respective results on the May 2022 AP French Language & Culture and AP Spanish Language & Culture exams qualify them for Global Seal of Biliteracy certification:

  • AP French Language & Culture:
    • Alex Rochette (’24)
  • AP Spanish Language & Culture:
    • Sarah “Sally” Ambrose (’23)
    • Maya Aguilar (’22)
    • Erin Britton (’22)
    • Revati Buchwald (’22) 
    • Riley Hinton (’22)
    • Elizabeth "Nani" Jackson (’23)
    • Norah Juzenas (’23)
    • Rebecca Megginson (’22) 
    • Keletso Rosenberg (’22) 
    • Lizzie Rueda (’23)
    • Taryn Schwartz (’23)
    • Richa Sharma (’22)
    • Mateo Traini (’23)
    • Jade Wilkinson (’22)

Requiring skills in two or more languages, qualified applicants are awarded certification that can be used as a credential for academic and employment purposes, distinguishing skills over three levels of fluency: Functional, Working & Professional.

In addition to this year’s recipients, the Global Languages Department extends its congratulations to all our language aficionados whose linguistic aspirations echo Charlemagne’s belief that “to have another language is to possess a second soul.”

To learn more, see Introducing the Global Seal of Biliteracy.