Sandy Spring Friends School



View From Above: Mapping Out An Aerial All-School Photo
Kristen Amouri


Each fall, Middle School Integrated Geometry students complete a design project as a part of our Community Day tradition. The project fits into our “Geometry Toolkit” unit, which is the first unit of the year. In this unit, students explore the ideas of point, line, plane, and space. This project pushes students to use these basic concepts to solve a real-world problem using complex diagrams that integrate many different variables. Throughout the project, we explored the ideas of scale, right triangles, perimeter, and area.

In small teams, the classes plan out a diagram for an aerial photo taken of the entire school community at the end of Community Day every year. Students must collaborate, measure, and strategically use technology to create and submit a proposal to the Community Committee for the design that is spray painted on the field. This year, students had the added challenge of designing in a new space: the future location of our new upper school building. Every year, teachers pull different aspects from different designs to get the most impactful overall effect. The elements we used this year were simple, clean, and included enough space for all students, teachers, and faculty. Great work, Geometry students!


Listen to two of our Integrated Geometry students share the process they went through to create their design.