Sandy Spring Friends School



Middle School Aftercare & After-School Clubs

The Middle School Aftercare offers reliable and convenient after-school care in a safe, supportive, and fun environment. The Aftercare program includes the following features:

  • Extended hours to 6:30 pm

  • Full Day (8-4) care on professional days and professional development days when there are no classes for Middle School students

  • Club activities

Middle School Aftercare Fees 

The Middle School Aftercare Program is $2445 per student for the full 2022-2023 academic school year, and may also be prorated for sport seasons and individual days of the week. Drop-in rates for aftercare and full day care services are also available if needed.

After-School Clubs

After-school clubs offer a variety of interesting opportunities for students to explore and expand extracurricular interests. Middle School clubs are offered in the winter and spring.

Middle School clubs run for 6 weeks and meet once a week for an hour. Clubs will start at 4:30 pm on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday. 

Students who are not regularly enrolled in Aftercare or an after school activity will have a drop-in fee that will cover care immediately after school and after clubs. Snack will be provided to all students enrolled in a club.

Club Examples:

Clubs vary each session depending on instructor and student interest.

Arts & Crafts Club
Do you love to create things for yourself, your friends, or your family members? The Arts and Crafts club is a fun after school activity where we make a different craft every week. Crafts will range from luminaries to t-shirt bags to dreamcatchers and beyond! Students will have structured support to create each piece, as well as choice in which creative direction they would like to go in a given activity. We will be using both new and repurposed materials throughout the course of the club, all of which will be provided. All are welcome! Come let your creativity shine, learn new skills, and create something cool.

Chemistry of Cooking
Using lessons from the TV Series "Good Eats" and the Cookbook "CookWise" we will investigate the chemistry of food. We will experiment with the significance of various ingredients and cooking methods. Our scientific methods will invariably produce tasty snacks.

Creative Writing
Creative Writing Class hosted by Louise Bonnett-Rampersaud, author of The Secret Knock Club series and a variety of picture books. Come and learn how to see ordinary objects in unique ways, hone your powers of observation, and help brainstorm a new chapter-book series. Hands-on, activity-based fun! Creative writing and thinking!