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Inquiry Guide Team Members

Inquiry Guides

The library and educational technology specialists, known as Inquiry Guides (or IG Team for short),  guide the SSFS community of learners in becoming caring and intentional users of ideas and information. It is in unity with both our brand pillars as well as SSFS’s mission statement.

About Our Library

The Caroline Hallowell Worth Memorial Library in Yarnall Hall offers an inviting space for independent research, group work, and special events. Used by all three division, our library program seeks to foster a life-long love of learning while helping students foster age-appropriate 21st century skills. With resources available in print or in digital format, students and faculty have access to the tools they need whether they’re on campus, at home, or out exploring the world.

Our Library features:

  • Electronic collections, accessible both on- and off-campus
  • Access to the Maryland Digital eLibrary Consortium
  • Four full-time and Inquiry Guides that serve as a bridge between the traditional and the technological
  • Two study rooms with tables and whiteboards for  students to use during the day, as well as for our dorm students to use during evening study halls
  • School supplies to help students complete class projects and homework
  • Tables and reading nooks for studying

Sara Oestreich
Director of Inquiry Guides
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Johanna Cowie
Inquiry Guide
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Aldona Joseph
Inquiry Guide
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KT Schroeder
Inquiry Guide
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