Flex Program

The Flex Program incorporates a coaching model in an after-school and evening schedule that is adaptable to the age and needs of the student. This supplemental program is intended to complement the academic supports given students by their teachers and advisors. The Flex Program includes:

  • Initial individualized screening process
  • Trained facilitators
  • Small groups (maximum six students) for a high degree of individualized support
  • Regular communication between student, home, and advisor
  • Dinner available on campus (optional)
  • For fees and schedules, please email LRC@ssfs.org

Flex Program Staff Training

All Flex Program facilitators receive coaching training aligned with the International Coaching Federation core competencies. Benefits of using a coaching model are many; students learn life skills and executive function skills that are transferable to a variety of circumstances beyond the academic setting.

Flex Program Skill Development and Benefits

Flex sessions focus on developing these skills while meeting the students’ short-term academic goals, which may include:

  • Completing homework
  • Making up missed work
  • Corresponding with teachers regarding assessments/confusion about assignments
  • Organizing materials
  • Creating a schedule for work completion, particularly for long-term assignments
  • Additional skills based on the goals of the individual student