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Flex Program in the Upper School

The Flex Program provides direct support for students in the Upper School (Grades 9-12) that adapts to the age and needs of the student.The Flex Program—a supplemental Upper School program at SSFS—is intended to complement the academic support given to students by their teachers and advisors. The Flex Program includes:

  • Trained Learning Specialists

  • Small groups (maximum six students) for a high degree of individualized support

  • Study skills coaching

  • Progress monitoring of classroom assignments

  • Regular communication between student, teachers, home, and advisor

Typically, the student replaces a free period with a Flex class, with Flex time being committed to planning, organizing, and completing a student's oncoming workload. Sessions for Flex are usually held every day that a student’s assigned class period meets. Enrollment for the program aligns with the academic calendar’s quarter system to allow for changes based on student growth and performance.


Shannon Needham

Shannon Needham
Learning Resource Coordinator for OIEJB
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Flex Program Skills Development and Benefits

Flex sessions focus on developing these skills while meeting the students’ short-term academic goals, which may include:

  • Completing homework

  • Making up missed work

  • Corresponding with teachers regarding assessments/confusion about assignments


  • Organizing materials

  • Creating a schedule for work completion, particularly for long-term assignments

  • Additional skills based on the goals of the individual student

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