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Learning Support At SSFS

The Learning Resource Collaborative (LRC) is a partnership of professionals at Sandy Spring Friends School committed to the competency, success, and joy of all learners in the SSFS community.

SSFS recognizes that some students, even highly capable learners, may need additional academic supports, such as organizational assistance or learning/processing accommodations, to fully develop their natural talents. Through these supports, students create not only academic success but also develop self-awareness, self-advocacy, and independence. The Learning Resource Collaborative at SSFS is designed to help provide and monitor these supports.

Flex Program at SSFS

The Flex Program for Upper School students incorporates a coaching model that is adaptable to the age and needs of the student. This supplemental program is intended to complement the academic supports given to students by their teachers and advisors. 

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What is the Learning Resource Collaborative?

The Learning Resource Collaborative (LRC) is a partnership of professionals at Sandy Spring Friends School committed to the competencysuccess, and joy of all learners in the SSFS community. It is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary student support system that serves as an expanded program for supporting student learning in both the day and residential programs in order to empower students for college and beyond.

In-School Student Services

The Learning Resource Collaborative provides the following core services to SSFS students and their families:

  • Consultation with parents, students, teachers, and outside professionals about learning needs
  • Assistance with the identification of learning differences
  • Development of strategies with students to help them adapt to their learning styles
  • Referrals to outside resources (tutors, speech and language therapists, psycho/educational testing services, etc.) as needed
  • Support for teachers for implementing recommendations and accommodations
  • Ongoing faculty/student workshops and training on how students learn and study


In addition, SSFS provides the following  student supports and services (which may vary by division):

  • Small class sizes
  • Academic Help & Tutorial times built into the daily academic schedule
  • Advisory groups
  • Licensed counselors in each division, and in the dorm
  • Learning specialists in each division
  • Peer Writing Center (Upper School)
  • In-class accommodations
  • Support for standardized testing accommodations
  • Multifaceted, individualized college counseling support