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Upper School Intersession

Are you ready to leave the classroom behind—to learn about and serve the world by being in the world? Welcome to SSFS Intersession.

Intersession is an experiential service-learning program for students in 9th-12th grade. It offers a unique opportunity to learn beyond classroom walls and develop a deeper understanding of various subjects, people, and oneself. Intersession encourages Upper School students to challenge themselves physically, culturally, intellectually, socially, artistically, and through community service. The program prioritizes group learning and service to others while recreational activities play a secondary role.

Filmed and edited by Arianna R. ’20 during her senior year

Intersession Trips at a Glance



Service trips taking place locally, regionally, and nationally.



Service hours completed on an Intersession service trip.



International trips to France, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic.



Student-teacher ratio average during Intersession trips.

Numbers Note: these stats represent a typical year

Recent Intersession Offerings

SSFS Intersession experiences are anchored in core aspects of our program: Quakerism, Community-Building, Experiential Learning, Global Citizenship, and Service.

Get a taste of some of the immersive, experienced-based learning opportunities that have been available to Upper School students in recent years. 

How does Intersession work?

Faculty research, design, and propose courses they are passionate about. Next, a slate of offerings is approved each year by the Program Selection Committee. Finally, students rank their selections in priority order. Students are required to participate in Intersession during each of their years in the Upper School—but if you talk to our students, we think you’ll find that Intersession is experienced as a privilege, not a responsibility!

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