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Upper School Intersession

Are you ready to leave the classroom behind—to learn about the world by being in the world? Welcome to SSFS Intersession.

Filmed and edited by Arianna R. ’20 during her senior year

Intersession provides 9th-12th-grade students an educational experience liberated from classroom walls. By making the world an SSFS classroom, Intersession provides students an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of varied topics of study, other people, and themselves. Through this experiential learning program, Upper School students challenge themselves in countless ways: physical, cultural, intellectual, social, artistic, and community service. 

Intersession is designed to be an engaging educational experience, with recreation and entertainment playing subordinate roles. The intentional group aspect of Intersession places valuable peer learning and service to others front and center. 

Intersession Trips at a Glance



Service trips taking place locally, regionally, and nationally.



Service hours completed on an Intersession service trip.



International trips to Mexico, France, and the UK.



Student-teacher ratio average during Intersession trips.

Numbers Note: these stats represent a typical year

Recent Intersession Offerings

From workshops and on-campus service learning to local, domestic, and international day trips, Intersession is as adaptable as it is varied—even through a global pandemic! 

Get a taste of some of the immersive, experienced-based learning opportunities that have been available to Upper School students in the past 5 years. 

  • 11th Grade
  • 12th Grade
  • International
  • Weekend/Extended Trip

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