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At Sandy Spring Friends School we question, we reflect, and we act on knowledge learned both in and out of the classroom in ways that foster critical thinking and empower us to make the world a better place.

Adventurous. Interactive. Love. Joy. Peace. Caring. Safety. Special.  When we asked our students to describe Sandy Spring Friends School in just one word, these are the words they chose. If you spend time with us, you will see how much these words truly resonate. Our commitment to experiential learning and a transformative education can be witnessed on any given day. Walking across our beautiful campus, you hear the laughter and chatter of students as they move from building to building and room to room between classes. You feel the intense focus of students taking notes and grappling with robust essential questions, using what they know to build a bridge to what they have yet to discover. You catch teachers pouring over the creation of multi-modal assessments, and coaches getting ready for the team practice before the next big game. You hear the delighted squeals of kindergarteners discovering frogs and tadpoles by the pond, and the harmony of student performers practicing for the upcoming musical. And, on occasion, you can even smell pizza baking in the handmade oven near our active farm. Education at Sandy Spring Friends School here at our home on Norwood Road is a full sensory experience! 

At SSFS, students and teachers lead and learn together. You’ll find that our students have a voice on important matters, on and off our campus. They cultivate their voices through a dynamic, rigorous curriculum that informs and calls them to action, and through trusted relationships with teachers who see the unique worth in every student. Our Quaker values compel us to work hard at creating a sense of belonging on our campus as we affirm and support the diversity of our students and faculty. And, as good as we are, we also remain open to the quiet moments of reflection that lead to continuing revelation, and new pathways forward.

I surely hope that you find your way to Sandy Spring Friends School one day soon. When you do, you’ll find that it is a place where “Way opens” and you can truly “Let your life speak.”


Rodney Glasgow
Head of School

SSFS Head of School, Dr. Rodney Glasgow

Dr. Rodney Glasgow, Head of School

GnuStories Podcast

Join us biweekly as SSFS Head of School Rodney Glasgow interviews members of our community and shines a light on all of the exciting things taking place at our School.

Gnu Stories Podcast | 2.6 | Holiday Episode: Winter Traditions from the SSFS Community

In the holiday edition of the GnuStories podcast, listen to our Lower School students as they perform Joyous Hanukkah (1st grade) and Joy to the World (4th grade). Then hear a collection of students and faculty sharing their family winter traditions.

Gnu Stories Podcast | 2.5 | Meet Anna Tsouhlarakis, SSFS Nov. Artist in Residence

LISTEN: In this episode of the Gnu Stories Podcast, Head of School Rodney Glasgow is joined by Anna Tsouhlarakis, an artist of Navajo, Creek, and Greek descent who works primarily with sculpture, installation, video, and performance art. Anna works at the University of Colorado Boulder as an Assistant Professor, and has joined SSFS as a virtual artist in resident for the month of November to discuss her work with students and faculty in honor of Indigenous People's Month. This podcast features questions from Rodney as well as from Middle & Upper School students.

Gnu Stories Podcast | 2.4 | Friends School 101: What is Quaker Education?

LISTEN: What does it mean to be a part of a “Friends” school community? How do Quaker values influence the approach to learning and teaching at a Friends school? We see many different Friends schools across the world; how are they similar, and how are they different? Join SSFS Head of School Dr. Rodney Glasgow as he hosts a conversation with Deborra Sines Pancoe (Associate Director, Friends Council on Education), Toni Grave Williamson ( Director of Equity and Inclusion, Friends Select), and Dr. Mónica Ruiz (Assistant Head of School, SSFS) about these and other questions about Quaker education.