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2017-18 School Phone Extension List -This PDF lists all faculty and staff and extensions by last name first (page 1), first name first (page 2), school location extensions (page 3), and a "quick-list" of contact information for each department and division (page 4).

SSFS Faculty and Staff

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Keith Adams

Academics - Arts

Jeremy Adkins

Academics - History

Kristen Amouri

Academics - Math

Elizabeth Anderson

Academics - History

Candice Ashton

College Counseling

Jenai Bell

Administrative Assistant to Learning Specialists
Student Support Services

John Bell

Accounts Manager
Business Office

Brenda Benjamin

LS - Cocurricular

Courtney Benson

Reading and Learning Specialist
Student Support Services

David Blake

Administration - Middle School

Sergey Bochkarev


Nick Boedicker

Director of Young World Leaders
Auxiliary Programs

Julie Borsetti

Academics - Arts

Chanelle Broughton

LS - Grade PK4

Brian Brubaker

Academics - ESOL

Dave Burgevin


Shinae Byhouwer

Auxiliary Programs, Business Office

Dagmar Caramello

Associate Director of Alumni Relations

Katharine Carneal

LS - Grade 2

Scott Carneal

Academics - English

Cathryn Carnevale

Assistant Director of Facilities and Transportation

Meghan Cassidy

Residential Life

Elizabeth Channer

Health Center

Adrienne Chisolm

Associate Director of the Annual Fund

Alice Chmil

Academics - Science

Jerome Cole

College Counseling, Administration - Upper School

Angela Colegrove

Academics - Science

Trish Cope

Academics - Science

Johanna Cowie


Brenda Crawley

Administration - Lower School
1 2 3 6 > showing 1 - 30 of 163 constituents

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