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Mailing Address

Sandy Spring Friends School
16923 Norwood Rd.
Sandy Spring, MD 20860

School Contact Information

Main Phone: (301) 774-7455
Main Fax: (301) 924-1115
Admission Fax: 301-576-8664
2017-18 School Phone Extension List - (NOTE: 2018-2019 Extension List coming soon!) This PDF lists all faculty and staff and extensions by last name first (page 1), first name first (page 2), school location extensions (page 3), and a "quick-list" of contact information for each department and division (page 4).

Faculty and Staff 2018-2019 By Department/Division


David Hickson, Assistant Head of School for Academic Innovation
301-774-7455 ext. 114

Admission Office:

Tony McCudden, Director of Enrollment Management, Middle and Upper School (Day) Admissions
301-774-7455 ext. 182
Bill Mena, Director of International & Boarding Admissions, Grades 9-12
301-774-7455 ext. 163
Liza Long, Director of Lower School Admissions
301-774-7455 ext. 106
Dawn Griffith, Director of Financial Aid
301-774-7455 ext. 231
Marcia Johnson, Receptionist/Admissions Associate
301-774-7455 ext. 101

Advancement Office:

Lauren Mossman, Director of Advancement
301-774-7455 ext. 107
Adrienne Chisolm
Associate Director of the Annual Fund
301.774.7455 ext. 157
Dagmar Caramello,
Associate Director of Alumni Relations
301-774-7455 ext. 164
Mimi Youmans, Director of Stewardship
301-774-7455 ext. 162


Steve Powers, Athletic Director
301-774-7455 x146

Auxiliary Programs:

Bill Mena, Director of Auxiliary Services
301-774-7455 x163
Jamie Price, Assistant Director of Auxiliary Services
301-774-7455 x206
Mark Lin, Young World Leaders/Summer Immersion Program
301-774-7455 x206
WeChat ID: SSFS-WeChat
Facility Rentals
301-774-7455 x163

Bookstore/Café Manager:

Mary Mayes
301-774-7455 ext. 127


Cathryn Carnevale
301-774-7455 ext. 177

Business Office:

Carylton Ganong, CFO
301-774-7455 ext. 103
Carolyn Miller, Director of Human Resources
301-774-7455 ext. 197
John Bell, Accounts Payable
301-774-7455 ext. 105
Jessica Rothfeld, Controller
301-774-7455 ext. 181


Margaret Rosser, Director of Communications
301-774-7455 ext. 117
Julie Mendez, Associate Director of Communications
301-774-7455 x 184

Head of School's Office:

Tom Gibian, Head of School
Mary Lawson, Executive Assistant to the Head of School
301-774-7455 ext. 104

Health Center:

301-774-7455 ext. 120: Lisa Dyer, R.N.
301-774-7455 ext. 141: Mary K. Fry, R.N.
301-774-7455 ext. 199: Elizabeth Channer, C.M.T.


Aldona Joseph, Librarian
Johanna Cowie, Librarian
301-774-7455 x145

Lower School Office:

Pam Gilmer, Administrative Assistant to the Lower School Head
301-774-7455 ext. 112
Tim Croft, Assistant Head of Lower School and LS Counselor
301-774-7455 ext. 118
Beverley DiTusa, LS Learning Specialist
301-774-7455 ext. 176
Courtney Benson, LS Reading and Learning Specialist
301-774-7455 ext. 311

Middle School Office:

Erin Ryan, Administrative Assistant to the Middle School Head
301-774-7455 ext. 160
Erin Rose, MS Counselor
301-774-7455 ext. 175
Patti Lemere, MS Learning Specialist
301-774-7455 ext. 116


Laura Miyoshi, Director of Operations
301-774-7455 ext. 108


Technology Office
301-774-7455 x 111
Information Technology: Matthew Denaburg, Rich Dyer, Rex Riley, Brian Wilkinson
Education Technology: Fred Sisk

Upper School Office:

Kerry Foley, Upper School Administrative Assistant
301-774-7455 ext. 109
Meredith Shankle, Upper School Program Coordinator and Registrar
301-774-7455 ext. 110
Ben McClellan, Dean of Upper School
301-774-7455 ext. 121
Rasha El-Haggan, Upper School Academic Dean
301-774-7455 ext TBD
Chris Miller, Director of College Counseling
301-774-7455 ext. 178
Shannon Needham, Learning Specialist
301-774-7455 ext. 122
Ilene Lees, US Counselor
301-774-7455 ext. 138
Bill Mena, Interim Director of Residential Life
301-774-7455 ext. 132