Student Support Services

Working together, the school nurse, counselors, and learning specialists make up the Student Support Services Group (SSS). The group works with students, parents, faculty and staff to provide education, information, and resources. This includes testing information and providing referrals to outside resources when situations arise beyond the capabilities of the student support team members. The members of the Student Support Services group work individually with students in all divisions as needed. They also proactively provide education on a variety of age-appropriate topics through development of the Health and Wellness curriculum, teaching Life Skills classes, and hosting speakers and events. In addition, the group responds to crises affecting the community. With an eye toward the development of PK-12 health support and education, the group works collaboratively to identify areas of need and the resources necessary to fill such needs. The Student Support Services group serves as a means of communication between faculty, staff, parents, students and administration.

Below, please find links to the division counselors’ websites, which provide a wealth of information for students, parents, and the community on topics that range from decision-making and conflict resolution to internet safety, sexuality education, substance abuse, and stress management. You can also find contact information for other members of the SSS group.

School Nurses:
Lisa Dyer
Mary K. Fry

Lower School:
Tim Croft: LS Counselor – Visit Tim Croft’s website
Beverley DiTusa: LS Learning Specialist – Email Beverley DiTusa
Lynda Reese: LS Reading Specialist – Email Lynda Reese

Middle School:
Erin Rose: MS Counselor - Email Erin Rose
Patti Lemere: MS Learning Specialist – Email Patti Lemere

Upper School:
Ilene Lees: US Counselor – Visit Ilene Lees’ website
Shannon Needham: US Learning Specialist - Email Shannon Needham
Meghan Cassidy - Dorm Counselor - Email Meghan Cassidy

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